Re:Made – Global Jam 2020

Re:Made – Global Jam 2020


RE:MADE, is a game I made for the Global Jam 2020 in a solo venture. The theme of the Jam was Repair. I had done plenty of preproduction before the jam even began, I knew I wanted to make a 3D game from a third-person perspective. Once the theme was revealed I started to test the gameplay to then quickly move to post-production. The end product is a simple game with a nice, minimal visual style that highlights my problem-solving abilities and my current skill set.


The day before the Jam I started thinking and reflecting about my previous experiences with game jams and I chose to participate in this one as a one-man team. Therefore, I began listing what I wanted to achieve with this project: 3D environment, smooth camera and player movement.

Day 1

After the reveal of the theme, I started immediately scripting the camera and player movement, by the end of the day I had a working level with basic gameplay.

Day 2

During this day I added the UI and a way to diegetically show progression. The game is about a cube, who increases in size and weight after eating food. The cube seamlessly grows and gets slower as a result. The weight and size variation were taught as puzzle mechanics, the weight would make weak floor pieces fall and the size would help access new areas.

Due to time constraints, the game is not very long.

How does it connect to the theme of “Repair”? My approach was to “repair the soul while repairing the body” way, so the player would “eat” and be rewarded.


The camera script used in this game is one of my favourite ones I made, it follows the player and can see the player through the environment. With a smooth fade-in and fade-out effect that attaches to objects dynamically.


The avatar is moved by using physics-based forces, which makes the player feel more dynamic. Physics allows for momentum to be used as a mechanic.