Gameplay Programming – TankAttack



This demo was made to show off some programming skills, like lateral thinking and problem-solving. The game will generate the field of play around and in the direction, the player is moving. Enemies will vary according to the time elapsed.


I researched all the iterations of the game Battlezone. There are several, the latest one was developed and published by Rebellion called “Battlezone Gold Edition”. This version is more similar to a modern First-person shooter. The first Battlezone was already advanced and ahead of time. So my interpretation for the modern market was to put replay-ability above everything. I added a gameplay element very dear to me called Deadeye, which slows time and gives a different point of view for few seconds.


The floor is created and activated by the PC, the plane than activates the sensors are then operated independently, they are activated when the player gets close and they will spawn a new floor plane if the wasn’t one already. Enemies and trees are spawned with the planes. To further the project, the key should be variety of assets and more content. From a programming stand of point, the movement and the shooting could be improved easily with more testing and trials.