Check in the Back -GGJ 21

Check in the Back

Check in the Back is a visual novel where you help convention patrons find their lost belongings.

As the unlucky 20-something manning the lost-and-found office of a large fan convention, help a handful of quirky characters find their stuff! 

My contribution to the project

After finding teammates on the GGJ Discord, I run a couple of meetings making sure everyone was on the same page, we used Trello and miro to keep things on record and consistent.

From the start I wanted to make a narrative focused game, given the talent pool, a Visual Novel style game would be the best match.

The game is made with the Unity plus the Fungus plug-in with custom scripts for the dialogue. In Unity I made the scenes and wrote the scripts to make the game work. We used Git to version control and collaborate on the game at our own pace.


Benjamin Williams : Producer and Writer
Dan Whittam : 2D Artist
Dipo Master : Director, Programmer and Designer
Gina Loughlin : Composer
Will Biggs: Sound Designer

Tom Needham : UI Artist
Taryn Whittam : Background Artist

Aggro Crab Seal of Quality